söndag 18 september 2011

Live Videos from The Doo-Bop Club Show

Hi folks, check out these rad videos from our Doo-Bop Club show... Don't forget to come out to the upcoming shows on the Rivertown Tour. More dates will be announced soon.

The Deal is Going Down Live @ The Doo-Bop Club

Broken Wings Live @ The Doo-Bop Club

Funky Country Live @ The Doo-Bop Club

Whiskey Bar Live @ The Doo-Bop Club

Here's a nice Rivertown review in Classic Rock Suomi Web Magazine: www.classicrocksuomi.com (in Finnish) and last Friday Radio Vega listeners could comment on the song If We Make it To Phoenix on the show Musikrådet/Nöjesfredag.. Read what they had to say here: http://svenska.yle.fi/nojesfredag (in Swedish)..

On Friday September 23rd, J.L & The Grace will play an Acoustic Showcase Concert at Musik & Talang @ O'Malley's in Vaasa. The event starts at 17.30. See you there!


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