torsdag 6 oktober 2011

Rivertown Tour, Reviews, Twitter & New Show in NYC confirmed...

Hi Everybody!

Thank y'all for coming out to the shows in Turku, Helsinki, Porvoo and Loviisa! We had a wonderful time both on and off stage.

 Photo above by Marko Haapatalo

The Rivertown Tour continues to New York where Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace will perform as an Acoustic Trio. We're happy to confirm another NYC gig on October 17th at Kenny's Castaways located on the legendary Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village.

...And yes, Jerry is now on Twitter. Follow him @JerryLindqvist

Also check out some cool Rivertown reviews... (in Finnish)

Österbottniska Posten (in Swedish)

ZXC MUSIC (in Swedish)

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