torsdag 3 november 2011

Featured Artist of the Week on The Alternate Root!

Featured Artist of the Week 11-1-11 on The Alternate Root
Jerry Lindqvist

Jerry Lindqvist stakes his claim and marks his musical territory, using the song title “Funky Country” to describe the joyful noise rising from his recent release ‘Rivertown’. Jerry proves that American Roots do not really need to be rooted in the country of origin, this format of music belongs to the players and fans of the world. Jerry Lindqvist was born and raised in Vassa, Finland and grew on a diet of rock, country, Townes Van Zandt and Hank Williams. His music touches on influences and adds the natural soul texture of his vocal work. The title track bubbles up organ riffs, riding a fast train rhtyhm, singing of a “home where the heart used to be”, “Summer Rain” patters with a persistent drum beat and ragged guitar chords as the sky opens over two people “kissing in the amber fields of grain” and the voice in your ear whispers you to sleep, keeping hope alive that things will be better “If We Make It To Phoenix”. Jerry Lindqvist weaves the music and the culture of America into his songs and gives American Roots music a passport stamp.

For more information and a Free Download of the track Dancing With April please go to:

Also check out this 4/5 Rivertown review on (in Finnish):

I will also play a Solo Show in Helsinki on November 18th at London Pub with Paul Oxley's Unit and Lori Campbell! Don't miss it, it's gonna be a great evening y'all! :-)


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