torsdag 2 februari 2012

The International Songwriters' Tour 2012 Announced!

Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace Trio are proud to be a part of The International Songwriters' Tour in North America March 2012!

Confirmed Dates

• Saturday, March 3- Dru's Place; Memphis, TN
• Monday, March 5- Bluebird Cafe (5 pm); Dan McGuinness Pub on Music Row (9 pm); Nashville, TN
• Tuesday, March 6- Billy Block Showcase (TV/Radio Show); The Rutledge (7 pm); Nashville, TN
• Wednesday, March 7- Bunganut Pig (8 pm); Franklin, TN
• Thursday, March 8- The Big Top Gallery; New Orleans, LA
• Friday, March 9- JP Hops House; Houston, TX
• Saturday, March 10- The Iron Horse Pub; Wichita Falls, TX (opening for Tiffany Shea Band)
• Sunday, March 11- Poor David's Pub; Dallas, TX (opening for Tiffany Shea Band)
• March 12-17, SXSW Music Conference; Austin, TX
• Monday, March 13 – Waterloo Ice House; Austin, TX
• Tuesday, March 14, Waterloo Ice House (secondary location); Austin, TX
• Wednesday, March 15- Iguana Grill, Austin, TX
• Thursday, March 16 – Cutting Edge Music Conference SXSW Stage; Victory Grill, Austin, TX
• Saturday, March 17 – Love. On the Lawn @ Mercury Mambo; Austin, TX
• March 20-25: CMW Music Conference; Toronto, Canada
The Story

Robert Singerman (NYC) is known for discovering and developing new talent, and is a forerunner in the exploration and development of new concepts in the music industry. He has worked in the music business for over thirty years, representing at various times R.E.M., Gipsy Kings, James Brown, Suzanne Vega, Sun Ra, Violent Femmes, 10,000 Maniacs, Smithereens, Beastie Boys, Fela Kuti and King Sunny Ade. He has founded US labels; Fetish and Roadrunner, and has been meticulously involved in album and TV production; music supervision and consulting; co-founding music incubator and internet consulting firms.

In the spring of 2011, Singerman coached a songwriting camp in Austria, where he met Jerry Lindqvist as well as singer/songwriters Ashley Fayth from Newfoundland, Canada and Nanna Larsen from Denmark. In September, Singerman was a panelist at the Cutting Edge Music Conference in New Orleans, where he met and heard the music of Texan artist, Tiffany Shea, who currently resides in Nashville.

In October, at the invitation of Singerman, Ashley Fayth, Tiffany Shea and Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace played an official CMJ showcase together in NYC. They all discussed co-touring in 2012, starting with SXSW in March. As a seasoned US touring veteran, Tiffany Shea agreed to coordinate and book a tour from Nashville to Austin and then up to Toronto for CMW; co-producing alongside Singerman the “First Annual International Songwriters Tour.”

Online Merch Store Open Now!

Please Visit The International Songwriters' Tour Official Merch Store (just click!) and make a purchase... Every item donates $10 to our Tour!

...To put that into perspective, that is (almost) 1 pack of guitar strings, or 2.5 latte's from Starbucks, or 3.5 gallons of gas (the 15 passenger van gets roughly 20 miles a gallon, and we have around 2,700 miles to cover)!

PLUS, if you order before February 15,
you can have your item shipped to the World Headquarters in Nashville, and have your stuff signed by each of the Artists then shipped back to you by the end of March!! Isn't that EPIC?
Where to have it shipped for Artist Autographs:
International Tour Mngmt Office
2217 Riverway Drive * Old Hickory, TN 37138 * USA

For more information please visit and read more about the Tour and the Artists!!


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