onsdag 28 mars 2012

Thank you CMW 2012!

I had a wonderful week in Toronto at CMW together with Oskar N, Ashley Fayth, Andreas and Nanna Larsen. We played a couple of showcases and one really cool gig out in Oakville at The Moonshine Café. Andreas Larsen was kind to join me and Oskar onstage and Ashley also joined us for some sweet harmonies at The Cadillac Lounge and at The Central.

In Oakville we met up with the lovely Elyse Simpson of Jangle Records!

We also found the time to take the grey hound out to Niagara Falls one day. The weather was great as was the Niagara Falls experience.

Back home in Finlandia we got some shows coming up. On Thursday May 10 Jerry Lindqvist and The Grace will be rocking downtown Helsinki at Henry's Pub. On May 11 we will be supporting Icons of Elegance at Bar Soho in Porvoo. On June 15 I will play a solo show supporting Icons of Elegance in Tampere at O'Connell's. Check out Icons of Elegance here www.iconsofelegance.com, they got a new album out now :-)

Stay tuned for more news,


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