onsdag 17 augusti 2011

Busy days at The Grace World Headquarters

We are having busy days here at The Grace World Headquarters. Yesterday our friend Tage Rönnqvist came to Turku for a photoshoot of our band. Joel's brother Jonathan also came along and documented the photo session on video. We had some problem with rainy weather but I think the photos will come out great. We had luncheon at Blanko before we returned to band rehersals for the upcoming tour.

Later that evening me, Joel and Oskar went out to Ruissalo for an acoustic show at a party arranged by the Institute of Human Rights at Åbo Akademi. The event was historical since it was the first The Grace show ever. The band had a blast and we had a great audience. Here's the set list: Dancing With April/Waiting All Day to Cry/Rivertown/Lucy, You Don't Sing Anymore/Prohibition Blues/Into A Stranger/Funky Country/If We Make it to Phoenix.

We're also happy to announce gigs in Helsinki at Club Liberté on September 29th (with our friends Carmen & The Devil and Heartworn) and in Loviisa at Club Alexia on October 1st.

This Saturday August 20th I will be playing a solo-show in Copenhagen, Denmark at The Songwriters Festival. So I hope all my Danish friends will come out to the show!

Peace, love and a recommended dose of Hank Williams,


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