tisdag 16 oktober 2012

The Grace hit the Studio

Last weekend Jerry and his band The Grace went into the Noisecamp Studios in Turku, Finland and started working on the follow-up album to Rivertown. Oskar Nyman is producing the yet-to-be-titled album that will be released sometime next year. The album will  be a great mix of Americana, Country and Classic Rock with all new songs written by Jerry, Joel and Oskar.

See Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace Live in Concert in November

The band will be playing live in November. First up is the Halloween Blues Festival in Vaasa, Finland on November 2nd at O'Malley's, before making their UK debut at The Troubadour in London on November 8th and performing at the Dinner With Daisy Club Night at the Jamboree, London on November 11th. A couple more UK shows will be announced shortly..

Read more about the shows here:

Halloween Blues: www.halloweenblues.fi/

The Troubadour: siomha-brock-plus-guests-jerry-lindqvist-the-grace

Dinner With Daisy Club Night: www.facebook.com/events

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