onsdag 31 oktober 2012


We're proud to announce our first ever UK Tour. We will play four shows in London starting on November 8th. Be sure to come out to the shows! Here's the details...

Thu 8th November, The Troubadour, London at 8.00 w/ Siomha Brock, World Soul Fusion

Fri 9th November, MAP Studio Cafe, London at 8.00 w/ Siomha Brock

Sat 10th November, The Harrison, London at 8.00 w/ Geoff Baker & James Riley

Sun 11th November, Dinner With Daisy Club Night at the Jamboree, London at 7.00 w/ Astrakan, Sibylla Meienberg, French for Cartridge...

News on the upcoming Holiday Single coming soon..


Ps. Don't miss our Halloween Blues show in Vaasa this Friday at O'Malley's (November 2nd at 23.00)!

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