söndag 18 november 2012

Our London Adventure

Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace had a bloody marvelous little London Tour. Thanks to everyone for coming out to the shows and for making us feel welcome! We will surely be back at some point in time. Thanks also to all the cool venues, promoters and bands that we played with! Special thanks to Henri Växby, Ashley Fayth, James Riley, Geoff Baker and Siomha Brock for helping us out and for your lovely music!

Here's some rad pictures from the tour...

Live at The Troubadour

Live at Dinner With Daisy Club Night @ Jamboree
Jerry w/ Siomha Brock at MAP Studio Café
Live at The Harrison
On the move

...and here's a video of JL & The Grace performing at Dinner With Daisy Club Night @ Jamboree..

 Dancing With April - Live in London


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