måndag 10 december 2012

Merry Christmas My Love video, Musikkbloggen etc..

Hey friends,
I'm featured in Musikkbloggen today. "To særdeles glitrende julelåter fra vår finske venn Jerry Lindqvist! Anbefales på det sterkeste i førjulstiden..." You can read the article here: www.musikkbloggen.no

Sebastian Bergholm also wrote sweetly about my Every Day is Like a Holiday single.."Lindqvist är min kandidat för årets bästa säsongssingel. Tankarna går till Ryan Adams i den meningen att Lindqvist med oerhört säker hand och väldigt stilmedvetet och smakfullt skrivit två americanadrypande låtar. Gitarrerna ringer, de glider, refrängerna är stora och bra, fraseringarna sitter..." Read the post here: svenska.yle.fi/kultur-och-noje

Now you can also listen to the new Holiday tunes on YouTube. Merry Christmas My Love is accompanied by a photo montage.

Merry Christmas My Love

Every Day is Like a Holiday

I'm excited about playing in my old hometown Vaasa on December 28th w/ The Grace Trio at Ritz. This Holiday Show has an amazing lineup so you wouldn't want to miss this one.

Ok for now,


torsdag 6 december 2012

Happy Independence Day

The New Single - Every Day is Like a Holiday - Out Now!

Jerry's brand new two-track Holiday Single is out now on Good People Listen to Records (GPLTR).

December 6th is Finland's Independence Day. Today we are also celebrating Jerry's own independence as this is his first release on his very own record label GPLTR.

Listen and download here:


Buy Jerry Lindqvist - Every Day Is Like A Holiday (m4a) at iTunes.com
Buy Jerry Lindqvist - Every Day Is Like A Holiday (mp3) at AmazonMP3.com/de/fr/uk etc
Buy Jerry Lindqvist - Every Day Is Like A Holiday (mp3) at Meteli.net
Buy Jerry Lindqvist - Every Day Is Like A Holiday (mp3) at CDON group


1. Every Day Is Like A Holiday
2. Merry Christmas My Love


Jerry (vocals, guitar)
Jonas Backman (drums)
Mats Ödahl (bass)
Petter Näse (guitar)
Oskar Nyman (guitar, bgvs)
Tobias Granbacka (organ, bgvs)
Conny Ohlson (pedal steel)
Nina Lassander (bgvs)

Produced by Oskar Nyman

Jerry's friend & photographer Lukas Renlund posted a story on his facebook.com/Lukas.Renlund.Photographer page about  how our photo shoot for the single design went down in Copenhagen. It was a pretty accurate account of what happened so I also want to share his story with you..

"Not too long ago I had the fine pleasure of welcoming my childhood friend Jerry Lindqvist to Copenhagen for a weekend-long photo shoot. Jerry needed some pics for his upcoming album and X-mas single.

I had chosen the vintage lighting fixtures store Hot Kotyr in Nørrebro as our location. Little did I know, the manager would turn out to be Copenhagen's grumpiest (gentle)man. He simply hated the idea of having us walking around his store taking photos. Bad experiences from similar requests in the past seemed to be the reason of his discomfort. Then finally - with a little patchy small-talk, a few conditions agreed and some good old fashioned bribery (24 cans of beer) he agreed to let us use the place for one hour and "not a minute longer".

It went great! We got all the shots we needed, and more. Here is one of the photographs we made that day. It is the cover of Jerry's next single, Every Day is Like a Holiday.

The song is actually about the loss of a family member and how the Holiday season can be a hard time for anyone who is alone or has recently lost a close one.

With all that said, I hope you'll enjoy the fruits of our collaboration. So long!"
- Lukas Renlund

You can check out Lukas work here: www.lukasrenlund.com and be sure to like his FB-page as well! 

Happy Independence Day!


måndag 26 november 2012



Jerry Lindqvist is releasing his new Two-Track Holiday Single Every Day is Like a Holiday on his own brand new label Good People Listen to Records (GPLTR).

Every Day is Like a Holiday is produced by Oskar Nyman (The Cajunga, The Grace) and recorded in Stockholm, Sweden. The Single features friends Nina Lassander (bgvs), Tobias Granbacka (organ, bgvs), Petter Näse (electric guitar), Oskar Nyman (electric guitar, bgvs), Jonas Backman (drums), Mats Ödahl (bass) and Conny Ohlson (pedal steel).

The two songs Every Day is Like a Holiday and Merry Christmas My Love are both inspired by the Christmas season but they are not your typical Christmas songs. Instead, they are Jerry’s personal take on the season. Jerry wrote Merry Christmas My Love last year and it tells the tale of how Christmas can be celebrated. Every Day is Like a Holiday was written in late August this year documenting the loss of a family member and how the Holiday season can be a hard time for anyone who is alone or has recently lost a close one.

The single cover & design is by Lukas Renlund (www.lukasrenlund.com) and the cover photo was taken in a vintage lamp store in Copenhagen. Special thanks to Hot Kotyr for your time, space and patience!

Photographer Lukas Renlund outside Hot Kotyr in Copenhagen

Every Day is Like a Holiday (GPLTR001) is released worldwide for digital download on December 6th 2012 at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify...

Check it out already today at www.amazon.com

Stay Tuned!


söndag 18 november 2012

Our London Adventure

Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace had a bloody marvelous little London Tour. Thanks to everyone for coming out to the shows and for making us feel welcome! We will surely be back at some point in time. Thanks also to all the cool venues, promoters and bands that we played with! Special thanks to Henri Växby, Ashley Fayth, James Riley, Geoff Baker and Siomha Brock for helping us out and for your lovely music!

Here's some rad pictures from the tour...

Live at The Troubadour

Live at Dinner With Daisy Club Night @ Jamboree
Jerry w/ Siomha Brock at MAP Studio Café
Live at The Harrison
On the move

...and here's a video of JL & The Grace performing at Dinner With Daisy Club Night @ Jamboree..

 Dancing With April - Live in London


onsdag 31 oktober 2012


We're proud to announce our first ever UK Tour. We will play four shows in London starting on November 8th. Be sure to come out to the shows! Here's the details...

Thu 8th November, The Troubadour, London at 8.00 w/ Siomha Brock, World Soul Fusion

Fri 9th November, MAP Studio Cafe, London at 8.00 w/ Siomha Brock

Sat 10th November, The Harrison, London at 8.00 w/ Geoff Baker & James Riley

Sun 11th November, Dinner With Daisy Club Night at the Jamboree, London at 7.00 w/ Astrakan, Sibylla Meienberg, French for Cartridge...

News on the upcoming Holiday Single coming soon..


Ps. Don't miss our Halloween Blues show in Vaasa this Friday at O'Malley's (November 2nd at 23.00)!

tisdag 16 oktober 2012

The Grace hit the Studio

Last weekend Jerry and his band The Grace went into the Noisecamp Studios in Turku, Finland and started working on the follow-up album to Rivertown. Oskar Nyman is producing the yet-to-be-titled album that will be released sometime next year. The album will  be a great mix of Americana, Country and Classic Rock with all new songs written by Jerry, Joel and Oskar.

See Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace Live in Concert in November

The band will be playing live in November. First up is the Halloween Blues Festival in Vaasa, Finland on November 2nd at O'Malley's, before making their UK debut at The Troubadour in London on November 8th and performing at the Dinner With Daisy Club Night at the Jamboree, London on November 11th. A couple more UK shows will be announced shortly..

Read more about the shows here:

Halloween Blues: www.halloweenblues.fi/

The Troubadour: siomha-brock-plus-guests-jerry-lindqvist-the-grace

Dinner With Daisy Club Night: www.facebook.com/events

Ok for now,


onsdag 26 september 2012

Pictures & Videos from M&T 2012

Hey folks,

Check out these pictures (by Johan Hagström) and videos from our show at Musik & Talang in Vaasa. We had a wonderful time playing and partying with all you music enthusiasts! We'll be back in Vaasa on November 2nd for the Halloween Blues Festival. Can't wait!

Jerry & Fredrik Furu at a M&T panel talking serious business

Here's some live footage from our show at The Doo-Bop Club...

Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace - Black & Blue

Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace - Prohibition Blues

Ok for now,


fredag 14 september 2012

Lucy, You Don't Sing Anymore Nominated for Radio Song of The Year

Hello friends,

My duet with Paul Oxley, Lucy, You Don't Sing Anymore, has been nominated for Radio Song of The Year in Svenskfinland. Please head over to www.musiktalang.fi and vote! The winner will be announced at the Musik & Talang event in Vaasa on September 21-22 where we are set to perform at The Doo-Bop Club alongside our friends Icons of Elegance and The Northern Governors on Friday, September 21st.

Holiday Single Sessions

This week me and Oskar Nyman (of The Grace) went into the SAE Studio in Stockholm with our drummer friend Jonas Backman to record two Holiday songs that will hopefully be released in time for X-mas. We recorded the tracks, Merry Christmas My Love and Every Day Is Like A Holiday. Can't wait to share these tracks with all you music lovers out there!

Here's some pictures from our show at Bara Vi in Stockholm last week and from the Holiday Single Sessions..

Take care and hope to see you at M&T next week,


söndag 26 augusti 2012

Musik & Talang 2012, Stockholm Show & Ikkuna Festival coming up!

Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace will perform at the music conference Musik & Talang in Vaasa on September 21st at The Doo-Bop Club  along with our friends Icons of Elegance and The Northern Governors. Showtime: 20.00. For more information please visit www.musiktalang.fi

Jerry & The Grace are also excited to play their first ever Sweden Show in Stockholm at Bara Vi on September 6th! It will be an acoustic trio evening. Showtime at 20.00. Free Entry! Check out the Facebook event here: www.facebook.com/events/...

Jerry will also be playing a solo set at Ikkuna-Festivaali at Leipätehdas on Friday August 31st in Vaasa. Barbershop and Fat Trio will also be performing and you'll have the great opportunity to get yourself pierced as Vaasan Lävistyspaja will be at Leipätehdas that very night. How cool is that! Don't miss this spectacular event folks!

See you on the road,


tisdag 7 augusti 2012

Last Days of Summer

It's been a while since the last update from The Grace Camp so here's what's been going on..

We had a great time at Jakobs Dagar in Jakobstad in July. Thank you all for coming out! Tony Laurila was kind enough to send us some photographs that he took of our show at Gågatan.

Good times in Jeppis, photos by Tony Laurila

We're still busy writing new stuff and we hope that we can hit the studio soon for some serious recording sessions. We're also excited about upcoming shows in Finland, Sweden and the UK in the fall. Some dates have already been posted here, check out the upcoming shows section. We hope to announce more shows asap :-)

Stay tuned folks, oh and here's a little pic that our dear Ashley Fayth snapped of Jerry, Oskar and our Danish "brother from another mother" Andreas Larsen at the grand Canadian Music Week adventure in Toronto in March.


måndag 18 juni 2012

Jerry Lindqvist and The Grace Ready for Musik & Talang 2012!

 jerry on stage at Nagu Rock 2012

Greetings from The Grace World Headquarters,

We hope that summer finds you well! Jerry had a great couple of shows in Tampere w/ Icons of Elegance and at Nagu Rock last weekend. Thank you all for coming out to the shows!

 jerry at O'Connell's in Tampere

The next concert will take place on Jakobs Dagar in Pietarsaari on July 19th at Gågatans Canorama scene at 21.00. Jerry Lindqvist and The Grace will play a full out Country/Rock Electric Show :-) ..So don't miss that one folks!

Jerry & The Grace have also been confirmed for this year's Musik & Talang Music Conference in Vaasa at the ever so great Live Music Venue The Doo-Bop Club on September 21st!

Jerry, Oskar and Joel have been busy writing new material for the follow up album to Rivertown. We had our own small Songwriting Camp in Stockholm, Sweden, where we wrote three new songs that we can't wait to share with the world!

Here's a montage from our Stockholm Camp, enjoy!

Ok for now,


onsdag 23 maj 2012

Jerry Lindqvist Confirmed for Nagu Rock

Hi Buckaroos!

Here's an update from The Grace World Headquarters...

Jerry Lindqvist is set to perform at Nagu Rock on June 16th on, you guessed it, Nagu. Other artists on the bill include The Capital Beat, Ronya, Pointless 80 and Friends With Jackson. You can get your tickets today at www.netticket.fi. Check out the Nagu Rock FB-page here: www.facebook.com.

Jerry was recently a guest on the show Kulturtimmen on Radio Vega, you can listen to the show here (in Swedish) http://areena.yle.fi/radio/1546728

Dancing with April was featured on the Freight Train Boogie Show #163. Listen to it here: www.nodepression.com

Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace had a great time playing in Helsinki, Porvoo and Vaasa (where Jerry played solo). Good times! Thanks to everyone who came out! Also thanks to Icons Of Elegance for letting us join you in Porvoo (see you again in Tampere on June 15th!) and thanks to Cats on Fire for a great night in Vaasa!

JL & The Grace rockin' in Porvoo at Bar Soho (above) and in Helsinki at Henry's Pub (to the left).

Here's a video from Jerry's solo show in Vaasa on May 18th...

 Jerry performing Into A Stranger at Leipätehdas

Ok for now,


torsdag 26 april 2012

See Jerry and The Grace Live in Concert in May


We're looking forward to be playing live again in May. Jerry will also be returning to his old hometown of Vaasa to support the great indie band Cats on Fire at Leipätehdas on May 18. Read Cats on Fire's thoughts about the venue here www.catsonfire.net . In Porvoo and Tampere we're playing with the dynamic duo known as Icons of Elegance. The schedule is as follows...

Thursday May 10 - Helatorstai-Klubi w/ Headhearthands @ Henry's Pub - Helsinki
Friday May 11 - Bar Soho w/ Icons of Elegance - Porvoo

Friday May 18 - Jerry Lindqvist (solo) w/ Cats on Fire @ Leipätehdas - Vaasa
Thursday May 24 - Jerry Lindqvist (solo) guest appearance @ School of Rock Concert @ Klubi - Turku
Friday June 15 - Jerry Lindqvist (solo) w/ Icons of Elegance @ O'Connell's - Tampere

We hope to see you all on the road!

tisdag 17 april 2012

True Professional

Hello my friends!

Here's a few updates from The Grace Headquarters...

The leading Finnish Weekly in North America, Vapaa Sana, wrote about my grand visit to the Canadian Music Week in Toronto in their 13/2012 issue alongside the other Finnish acts Neufvoin and Felix Zenger. I evidently stated that I'm too old for Pop so that's why I'm a Country musician, man I must've been tired after my flight :-)

The song True Professional that I co-wrote with the talented Kevin Charge and Duncan Townsend in Austria last year is coming out on Duncan's upcoming album Up Sides Down (out on Familyhouse Records on April 20). I'm very excited about that and I highly recommend you all check out Duncan Townsend at www.duncantownsend.com and you can pre-order the album here: www.amazon.de

We had a wonderful band rehearsal with The Grace last Sunday. The band sounds great so you all should definitely come out to the shows in Helsinki (Henry's Pub, Thursday May 10) and Porvoo (Bar Soho, Friday May 11) next month! I'm looking forward to playing with these crazy cats once again.

Ok for now,


onsdag 28 mars 2012

Thank you CMW 2012!

I had a wonderful week in Toronto at CMW together with Oskar N, Ashley Fayth, Andreas and Nanna Larsen. We played a couple of showcases and one really cool gig out in Oakville at The Moonshine Café. Andreas Larsen was kind to join me and Oskar onstage and Ashley also joined us for some sweet harmonies at The Cadillac Lounge and at The Central.

In Oakville we met up with the lovely Elyse Simpson of Jangle Records!

We also found the time to take the grey hound out to Niagara Falls one day. The weather was great as was the Niagara Falls experience.

Back home in Finlandia we got some shows coming up. On Thursday May 10 Jerry Lindqvist and The Grace will be rocking downtown Helsinki at Henry's Pub. On May 11 we will be supporting Icons of Elegance at Bar Soho in Porvoo. On June 15 I will play a solo show supporting Icons of Elegance in Tampere at O'Connell's. Check out Icons of Elegance here www.iconsofelegance.com, they got a new album out now :-)

Stay tuned for more news,


lördag 17 mars 2012

Canadian Music Week via Couch by Couchwest

Don't miss Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace at CMW 2012 in Toronto!

Galaxie Presents:
Wednesday March 21, 2012 @ 12:00AM
Cadillac Lounge, 1296 Queen St. West 416-536-7717
19+ All wristbands accepted

CMW Showcase:

Wednesday March 21, 2012 @ 1:00AM
Central, 603 Markham St 416-913-4586
19+ All wristbands accepted 
Check out this brand new tune "Apple Don't Fall" performed live at CXCW 2012..

torsdag 15 mars 2012

News from The Grace Headquarters

Dear Music Lovers,

Although the US part of the International Songwriters Tour did not work out as planned for The Grace, we're still happy that 1/3 of The Grace Trio is rockin' USA along with Tiffany Shea, Nanna Larsen and Ashley Fayth. We're also super proud to be Featured Artists on voyageairguitar.com! Here's a video from Nashville, TN and Hotel Indigo with our guitar slinger Oskar Nyman, Ashley Fayth and Andreas Larsen performing Ashley's wonderful tune Oscar. Thank you Voyage-Air Guitar!

Jerry will be joining forces with Oskar and the rest of the IST gang in Toronto, Canada next week for Canadian Music Week...

Showcase Schedule:
Galaxie Presents:
Wednesday March 21, 2012 @ 12:00AM
Cadillac Lounge, 1296 Queen St. West 416-536-7717
19+ All wristbands accepted

CMW Showcase:

Wednesday March 21, 2012 @ 1:00AM
Central, 603 Markham St 416-913-4586
19+ All wristbands accepted 

Also, have a look at this bad boy. Jerry's very own guitar strap made by Wear it Out Manuel (wearitoutmanuel.com) who has also designed for legends such as Johnny Cash, Hank Williams (all three), Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles etc.. A nice little group to be a part of :-)


fredag 2 mars 2012

Uncle Sam Vs Jerry & The Grace 1-0

Bad news from The Grace Camp. Due to reasons beyond our control The Detroit border control did not allow us entry into the US. We are terribly saddened to report that we’re unable to partake in the US section of The International Songwriters Tour.

However, we’re looking forward to the Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Canada on March 21-25. Also, Thank you to all the promoters and venues for having faith in us. We’ll see you next time!


söndag 19 februari 2012

International Songwriting Treat!

A wonderful evening awaits if you take the chance to hear these 5 singer-songwriters/ bands from around the globe. Following their Manhattan CMJ Music Marathon concerts together last fall, they have joined up to tour the Southeast, culminating in showcasing at SXSW and Canadian Music Week in Toronto. Do your soul a favor and spend the evening with them, you'll be glad you did!

- Robert Singerman (Entertainment Manager: REM, Violent Femmes) 

Hello music lovers!

Here are some news on our upcoming Invasion of North America. I met up with Simon Ventus of Musik & Talang Music Conference and discussed drinking the world's most expensive coffee and the International Songwriters' Tour. Check out the clip below (in Swedish).. blog.musiktalang.fi

The date and venue for my Showcase at Canadian Music Fest is now confirmed..

Jerry Lindqvist CMF Showcase:
Wednesday March 21, 2012 @ 1:00AM
Central, 603 Markham St 416-913-4586
19+ All wristbands accepted 

There has been some changes in dates and venues for the IS-Tour...

Friday, March 9 - Harmony Park Chapel (7 pm), Ben Wheeler, TX

Saturday, March 10 - The Iron Horse Pub (9pm), Wichita Falls, TX

Sunday, March 11- J Gilligans (6-9 pm); Arlington, TX (all ages)

March 12-17, SXSW Music Conference; Austin, TX

Wednesday, March 14 - Iguana Grill (6-10 pm), Austin, TX
2900 Ranch Road 620, Austin, TX 78734 - Lake Travis
Thursday, March 15 – Cutting Edge Music Conference SXSW Stage; Victory Grill, Austin, TX (Individual Showcase Times TBA)

Friday, March 16 Waterloo Ice House, Southpark Meadows (6-10 pm), Austin, TX
Address: 9600 S. IH-35, Service Road SB Suite D-100, Austin, TX 78748

Saturday, March 17 - Love. On the Lawn @ Mercury Mambo (1 pm); Austin, TX
Official program
1 to 1:30 - Nanna Larsen + Jerry Lindqvist
1:45 to 2:15- Ashley Faith
2:30 to 3:00 - Tiffany Shea

Saturday, March 17 - Waterloo Ice House, 38th and Lamar (6-10 pm), Austin, TX 
1106 W 38th St. 512-472-5400

Be sure to follow The International Songwriters' Tour on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/pages/International-Songwriters-Tour-2012

Also check out the other Artists.. 

Find all of these Artists on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, SonicBids

For more information
...Regarding booking, interviews, questions, lollipops or voodoo, please contact:
Tiffany Shea * 214-418-8162 * tiffany@tiffanyshea.com * www.tiffanyshea.com *

Ok for now,