Jerry proves that American Roots do not really need to be rooted in the country of origin; this format of music belongs to the players and fans of the world. Jerry Lindqvist was born in 1983 and raised in Vaasa, Finland and grew on a diet of rock, country, Townes Van Zandt and Hank Williams. His music touches on these influences and adds the natural soul texture of his vocal work. Jerry Lindqvist weaves the music and the culture of America into his songs and gives American Roots music a passport stamp.

Lindqvist’s first solo album Rivertown featuring among others Grammy Award Winner Bobby Flores on fiddle and Platinum selling artist Paul Oxley was released on WING Records in September of 2011. The first single “Lucy, You Don't Sing Anymore” landed a spot on the Radio Vega national playlist in Finland and the album was put into rotation at over 80 radio stations all over the US.

Lindqvist had previously released two albums with his Alt-Country group Jerry and the Outlaws (Happy Hour Saloon in 2006 and No.2 in 2007). The band also wrote and recorded a duet, “A Real Good Country Time”, with Finnish stand-up comedian André Wickström in 2007.

While living in Turku and later Stockholm, Lindqvist got together a new band Jerry Lindqvist and The Grace and toured with the band from 2011 to 2015. The Grace featured the Stockholm based songwriting duo Oskar Nyman and Joel Isaksson on guitars and harmonies, Markus Kankkonen on bass and Sam Fröjdö behind the drums. The band recorded the album Homegrown Soul that was released on Good People Listen to Records in 2013.

Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace performed a showcase at Musik & Talang 2011 and 2014 in Vaasa, Finland and at CMJ Music Marathon 2011 in NYC at Googies at The Living Room during their NY Tour. In March 2012 Jerry Lindqvist also performed two showcases at Canadian Music Week in Toronto.

Lindqvist has also written songs for artists such as Laura Voutilainen (the song “Aikuiselämää” on the album Kosketa Mua that sold gold in Finland 2008), Sonja Bishop (8 songs on the album A Place Called Now) and Danish singer-songwriter Nanna Larsen (co-wrote the single “Nothing I Can Do” on Larsen's album Not the Perfect Girl). Lindqvist also co-wrote Finnish Rockers Daisy Jack's single “Perfect Crime” and Duncan Townsend's “True Professional” on his 2012 album Up Sides Down. 

In 2017 Jerry and the Outlaws got together again and played some local shows in Vaasa. In February 2019 Jerry and the Outlaws released their first album since 2007. The Devils Cut consisted of 8 new songs all written by Jerry and recorded live in the studio. Jerry and the Outlaws features producer and guitarist Janne Hyöty, drummer Stefan Brokvist and bassist Carl-Johan Hultgren.

Lindqvist has spent quarantine time in 2020 by writing new songs. In November 2020 Lindqvist will release the new solo album Waiting Out The Storm with long-time collaborator Janne Hyöty.