måndag 10 december 2012

Merry Christmas My Love video, Musikkbloggen etc..

Hey friends,
I'm featured in Musikkbloggen today. "To særdeles glitrende julelåter fra vår finske venn Jerry Lindqvist! Anbefales på det sterkeste i førjulstiden..." You can read the article here: www.musikkbloggen.no

Sebastian Bergholm also wrote sweetly about my Every Day is Like a Holiday single.."Lindqvist är min kandidat för årets bästa säsongssingel. Tankarna går till Ryan Adams i den meningen att Lindqvist med oerhört säker hand och väldigt stilmedvetet och smakfullt skrivit två americanadrypande låtar. Gitarrerna ringer, de glider, refrängerna är stora och bra, fraseringarna sitter..." Read the post here: svenska.yle.fi/kultur-och-noje

Now you can also listen to the new Holiday tunes on YouTube. Merry Christmas My Love is accompanied by a photo montage.

Merry Christmas My Love

Every Day is Like a Holiday

I'm excited about playing in my old hometown Vaasa on December 28th w/ The Grace Trio at Ritz. This Holiday Show has an amazing lineup so you wouldn't want to miss this one.

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torsdag 6 december 2012

Happy Independence Day

The New Single - Every Day is Like a Holiday - Out Now!

Jerry's brand new two-track Holiday Single is out now on Good People Listen to Records (GPLTR).

December 6th is Finland's Independence Day. Today we are also celebrating Jerry's own independence as this is his first release on his very own record label GPLTR.

Listen and download here:


Buy Jerry Lindqvist - Every Day Is Like A Holiday (m4a) at iTunes.com
Buy Jerry Lindqvist - Every Day Is Like A Holiday (mp3) at AmazonMP3.com/de/fr/uk etc
Buy Jerry Lindqvist - Every Day Is Like A Holiday (mp3) at Meteli.net
Buy Jerry Lindqvist - Every Day Is Like A Holiday (mp3) at CDON group


1. Every Day Is Like A Holiday
2. Merry Christmas My Love


Jerry (vocals, guitar)
Jonas Backman (drums)
Mats Ödahl (bass)
Petter Näse (guitar)
Oskar Nyman (guitar, bgvs)
Tobias Granbacka (organ, bgvs)
Conny Ohlson (pedal steel)
Nina Lassander (bgvs)

Produced by Oskar Nyman

Jerry's friend & photographer Lukas Renlund posted a story on his facebook.com/Lukas.Renlund.Photographer page about  how our photo shoot for the single design went down in Copenhagen. It was a pretty accurate account of what happened so I also want to share his story with you..

"Not too long ago I had the fine pleasure of welcoming my childhood friend Jerry Lindqvist to Copenhagen for a weekend-long photo shoot. Jerry needed some pics for his upcoming album and X-mas single.

I had chosen the vintage lighting fixtures store Hot Kotyr in Nørrebro as our location. Little did I know, the manager would turn out to be Copenhagen's grumpiest (gentle)man. He simply hated the idea of having us walking around his store taking photos. Bad experiences from similar requests in the past seemed to be the reason of his discomfort. Then finally - with a little patchy small-talk, a few conditions agreed and some good old fashioned bribery (24 cans of beer) he agreed to let us use the place for one hour and "not a minute longer".

It went great! We got all the shots we needed, and more. Here is one of the photographs we made that day. It is the cover of Jerry's next single, Every Day is Like a Holiday.

The song is actually about the loss of a family member and how the Holiday season can be a hard time for anyone who is alone or has recently lost a close one.

With all that said, I hope you'll enjoy the fruits of our collaboration. So long!"
- Lukas Renlund

You can check out Lukas work here: www.lukasrenlund.com and be sure to like his FB-page as well! 

Happy Independence Day!