söndag 2 februari 2014

Super Bowl Sunday


It's been a while since the last update so I thought I'd write a few lines and let you know what's going on with my music & life.

Me and Tuukka Aitoaho won the award for El Gringo's Sunday Rocks best act last fall. Cheers to all of you who voted! It was a cool show and we're really proud of the award. www.elgringo.fi

The Elastic Eclectic Music junkie blog Popa's Tunes recently promoted the new JL & The Grace album Homegrown Soul. Be sure to check out this sweet music blog here: Popa's Tunes

As for now we're looking forward to getting some shows scheduled for this year. Another duo project of mine is the one I got with my longtime collaborator and friend Janne Hyöty. Last year we opened for Robbin Thompson at Ritz. On April 11th you'll have the chance to see this electric/acoustic guitar duo live again at The Doo-Bop Club in Vaasa.

Next week I'll be back in the studio again with Mr Hyöty to record a track for an upcoming project. More on this soon :-)

Another cool project that has been running on Finnish TV lately is the four-part documentary series called Från ankdamm till ökensand. It's a documentary about a road trip across the States in search of inspiration for a theater play about the Wild West. Me, Janne Hyöty and Marco Luponero wrote the music for the series and I remember we had a lot of fun doing it :-) Check out the episodes here (unfortunately only streaming in Finland): arenan.yle.fi You can also visit the show's facebook page: facebook.com

I wish you all a kick ass Super Bowl Sunday!


Ps. If you haven't already, do pick up your own vinyl or digital copy of Homegrown Soul :-)