måndag 15 september 2014

World Tour of Finland

The song Skater from the Homegrown Soul LP has been nominated for song of the year in Svenskfinland. Please go in and vote here: musiktalang.fi/rosta-pa-arets-lat/ Thanks!

Don't miss Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace Live in Concert this week. Here's the schedule:

WED 17th - Turku, Finland - Portti - W/ Marty the random guy, Jonathan Isaksson  ...Showtime at 21.30

THU 18th - Helsinki, Finland - Helatorstai-klubi @ Henry's Pub ...Showtime at 22.00

FRI 19th - Jakobstad, Finland - O'Learys ...Showtime at 22.00

SAT 20th - Vaasa, Finland - Musik & Talang @ Pub O'Malley's ...Showtime at 23.00

Hope to see you on the road!

//JL & The Grace

Ps.. Here's a hotel room version of our new single Dylan in the Rain...