onsdag 26 september 2012

Pictures & Videos from M&T 2012

Hey folks,

Check out these pictures (by Johan Hagström) and videos from our show at Musik & Talang in Vaasa. We had a wonderful time playing and partying with all you music enthusiasts! We'll be back in Vaasa on November 2nd for the Halloween Blues Festival. Can't wait!

Jerry & Fredrik Furu at a M&T panel talking serious business

Here's some live footage from our show at The Doo-Bop Club...

Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace - Black & Blue

Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace - Prohibition Blues

Ok for now,


fredag 14 september 2012

Lucy, You Don't Sing Anymore Nominated for Radio Song of The Year

Hello friends,

My duet with Paul Oxley, Lucy, You Don't Sing Anymore, has been nominated for Radio Song of The Year in Svenskfinland. Please head over to www.musiktalang.fi and vote! The winner will be announced at the Musik & Talang event in Vaasa on September 21-22 where we are set to perform at The Doo-Bop Club alongside our friends Icons of Elegance and The Northern Governors on Friday, September 21st.

Holiday Single Sessions

This week me and Oskar Nyman (of The Grace) went into the SAE Studio in Stockholm with our drummer friend Jonas Backman to record two Holiday songs that will hopefully be released in time for X-mas. We recorded the tracks, Merry Christmas My Love and Every Day Is Like A Holiday. Can't wait to share these tracks with all you music lovers out there!

Here's some pictures from our show at Bara Vi in Stockholm last week and from the Holiday Single Sessions..

Take care and hope to see you at M&T next week,