onsdag 28 oktober 2020

NEW ALBUM OUT 20.11.2020

Cover design by Jerry Lindqvist. Cover model: Broccoli The Poodle

Good news music lovers! Jerry Lindqvist will be releasing a new solo album on November 20th 2020 featuring long-time collaborator Janne Hyöty. Waiting Out The Storm is very much an acoustic affair with Lindqvist on acoustic guitar and vocals while Hyöty contributes delicate acoustic and electric guitar licks. Album opener "Put This Hope Rest" and album closer "Blues Train" are dark moody folk blues tunes but the songs in between offer some hope in these strange pandemic times.

Waiting Out The Storm consists of 8 new Americana-flavored original songs written by Lindqvist who has spent his quarantine time at home in 2020 writing new music.

The album was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Janne Hyöty on October 1-2 2020 in Sugar House Studios in Vaasa, Finland. 

Waiting Out The Storm will be available on most digital music platforms on November 20th 2020 via A-side factory and there will be a limited edition CD Release courtesy of Good People Listen To Records (GPLTR).



1. Put This Hope To Rest

2. High On Depression

3. Hitchhikin' Jesus

4. Waiting Out The Storm

5. The Ramblin' Kind

6. Driftwood

7. Elena

8. Blues Train

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